Environmentally Friendly Boat Bottom Coating

BaSiliCoat is an environmentally friendly antifouling surface coat for use on boats and other marine equipment. Contribute to a sustainable and non-toxic marine environment - use BaSiliCoat!

The Problem - Biofouling

  • Marine organisms grow on structures in the sea
  • The growth makes ships and boats slower
  • Aquaculture nets become closed and heavy
  • Lower oxygen in cages decreases growth of fish
  • Toxic biocides and copper are used now
  • Harmful to life and marine environment
  • Stricter regulations on use of antifouling paints containing harmful chemicals such as copper

How Does Basilicoat Work?

  • Barium sulfonate and mineral oil together with sodium silicate form a gel in seawater that adheres to hard surfaces.
  • The unique properties of the silica gel provide effective protection against the growth of marine organisms.
  • The product makes it difficult or impossible for barnacles, blue mussels and algae to attach to the treated surface so the animals give up their attempts and growth is prevented.