About Hripa

Hreggviður Davíðsson

is the inventor of BaSiliCoat. He has over 35 years of experience in novel products in painting, household cleaning and disinfection

Gudrun Lilja Hardardottir

is the CEO of Hripa EHF Iceland

Jon Hreggvidsson

is the CEO of Hripa Sweden AB. He has extensive experience of running various projects in the construction industry, and he's also an avid golfer

Lars Uhrbom

has solid competence and long experience in the chemical engineering industry and related issues regarding quality and environment

Bennedikt Hreggvidsson

is chairman of Hripa EHF Iceland and an expert in the fish farming industry

Bo Elofsson

is chairman of Hripa Sweden AB. He has extensive experience in banking and finance in Sweden

Örn Sigurbergsson

has more than 15 years of experience of graphic and visual design

Stefan Hammarroth

is an avid scuba diver and has worked in web development for about 20 years